Dessert Burger @ The Eatery by circler on Flickr.
This #sacburgermonth dessert burger from @eaterywestsac is so secret, I shouldn’t even be posting the picture here. If Chef Jess knew I was posting this exclusive photo here, he’d probably take my favorite burger away. You won’t find this on the menu. But if the ingredients are available, and if the stars align in your favor and you know the secret password, you might get lucky enough to be able to order this sweet secret sandwich. See those fries over there? They are actually bread pudding fries (dusted every so lightly with a special habanero salt for a little extra sweet/spicy/salty kick) That ketchup? It’s actually strawberry syrup. Let’s keep this dessert burger between you and me. Now that you’ve seen it, just forget all about it. It’s for the true burger junkies only. I’ve already said too much.